I was trying to find my family and after a while I found out that my mother and two sisters are in Ryazhsk village, Kustonaysk station, Kazakhstan. I worked at military factory, making ammunition for Katyusha, so nobody would let me leave, but I asked my supervisor to help me. He told me that there were trains going to Kazakhstan from Donbas. Those trains were transporting coal and it was possible to hide in them. I sneaked into one of those coal cars and after 5 days of hiding in coal I made it to Kustonaysk station. It was 170km from that station to Ryazhsk. Kustonay was not a big village, but there was a hostel (Dom Kolhoznika) and that’s where I spent the night. It was late November and I didn’t have warm clothes, so I ran 20-25km, rest a little bit and ran again. My hands were freezing. At night I knocked on the doors of poorest huts and asked for space to sleep. Finally I made it to Demjanovka village and run into my cousin. My mother and her sister were evacuated together, but my aunt was able to stay in Demjanovka and my mother was sent 12km further from this village. I stayed with them till evening to get some rest and food. I really wanted to see my mom, so I told them I have to go. They said: “What are you doing? It’s too late. We won’t let you!”. It turned out that there were wolves out there. I insisted that I have to go, so they gave me matches and said to lit a match if anything goes wrong, because wolves are afraid of fire. I made it to my Ryazhsk at 4 o’clock in the morning. My mom was surprised of course.